Mateo & Katie

LiNC Staff

Mateo and Katie have been serving as missionaries in Köln, Germany for the last 2.5 years. They have two small kids, Malachi (2.5years) and Katalina (8months). They love music, travel, and boardgames and are always ready to hang out.

Gibson and Lauren

LiNC Staff

Gibson and Lauren Hekking moved to Köln, Germany in March of 2021, with their son Leon. They recently welcomed the birth their second son, Jack, and have been enjoying life as a family of four. Some of their favorite things are soccer, chocolate, Five Guys, puppies and introducing others to their favorite movies.


LiNC Staff

Ember has been serving as a Missionary in Köln since spring of 2021. She enjoys spending time with others, taking care of plants, and making crafts. 


LiNC Staff

Kaitlin moved to Köln, Germany to work as a missionary in the fall of 2021. She enjoys hearing testimonies of God’s faithfulness, trying local foods, and teaching people how to say “I am a potato” in German.


LiNC Staff / Stockholm Host

Sarah has been living in Sweden for eight years, the last five in a multicultural neighborhood. She has been teaching locally while engaging pioneering projects for God’s glory. She enjoys learning about culture, eating any type of food, getting out into nature and the opportunities to stop and have coffee with just about anybody!

Martin and Heike

Cologne Hosts

Martin and Heike have been serving as church planters in Cologne for 20 years. Martin works full time as a professor of Material Sciences and Heike teaches Math, both at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. They have three grown up children. They love ballroom dancing, boardgames (try to beat them in Settlers of Catan) and to explore foreign cultures.

Martin and Anna

Dortmund Hosts

Martin and Anna are working as medical doctor and nurse for christian organisations. At their church "Go-In" close to Dortmund they serve as pastor and musicians. Their four kids (12-17years) are part of the Go-In City Scouts. They love to play volleyball, go swimming or watching a good movie.

Daniel and Lori

Berlin Hosts

Daniel & Lori have been serving as church-planting missionaries in Germany since 1990. They have six adult children (all living in Germany) and are now up to nine grandchildren. They have focused on reaching young people, whether that be on campus, in neighborhoods, or refugee centers. They enjoy helping people with language learning, both English and German. They are also always on the lookout for good excuses for parties. ;-) Our latest creation was a "Melon Festival". Yum.