LiNC: Laborers Impacting Nations for Christ

Make your summer count for eternity!

What is LiNC?

Laborers Impacting Nations for Christ.

Euro LINC is a four-week summer mission trip that gives you the chance to fall more in love with Jesus. This month will equip you to make disciples in the context of local church communities. Together, we’ll learn and practice sharing our faith while making disciples as we seek to reach the World for Christ. 

This year's focus will be Unreached People Groups (UPGs). We will be working both in Europe and in a creative access context.

When and where is LiNC?

M1ddle E@st: June 1-15

The first half of the summer will be spent in the M.E. (contact us for specifics) laboring amongst unreached people groups. We currently have no security concerns regarding our chosen location, but of course, should the situation in the M.E. worsen, this leg of the trip will be moved to Europe.

Malmo, Sweden: June 15-29

Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden and is home to over 700,000 people in the Malmo area municipality. Due to the influx of refugees in the last 20 years, Malmo is now home to people from 171 different nationalities. This is a reflection of Sweden in general, as Sweden’s hospitality has attracted many people from unreached people groups.

Sweden Quick-Facts:

  • In Sweden there are 87 major ethnic groups and of these 21 are classified as unreached.
  • These unreached people groups together consist of 408,000, which makes up 3.9% of Sweden’s population
  • Almost twice as many people in Sweden belong to an unreached ethnic group than belong to a free church (291,000)

Who is LiNC for?


While LINC is catered toward college students, anyone who wants to make disciples is welcome. This program is great for longtime Christ-followers and those new to the faith alike as we come together to know Christ and make Him known.

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